The Village situated in a strategic position, at 690 metres, maintains intact the charm of a past time. Marked by populations that during centuries settled there. A walk in the inside streets reveals to you not only suggestive corners, but also a world at man dimension where traditions and craftsmanship still beat the daily time. We suggest you go and see: the civic antiquarium, the Norman castle and the Byzantine fortress on Tiriolo mountain.

Il panorama
The residence-restaurant "Due Mari" is situated in the centre of Catanzaro isthmus, in the most narrow point of Italy. Its high position controls that arm of land that, in just 30 km, separate the waters of Jonio sea from those ones of Tyrrhenian sea. In bright and clear days you can enjoy of one of the most wonderful panorama of the region and probably of whole Italy. Your look runs after the infinite turning round from your left to right in a vision that, at the same time, joints the Squillace gulf to that one of S. Eufemia and at the background Eolie isles framed by the smoking plumes of the volcanos Stromboli and Etna.